Welcome to The Shamanic Vine, Where The Energy Is Always Abundant & Positive!

Do you have metaphysical questions that science cannot answer such as:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is the deeper purpose of my existence?

You’re not alone!  These questions that have been on the minds of human beings since the beginning of time.  The Shamanic Vine is a place to purchase tools such as metaphysical books, ceremonial objects, tarot cards, crystals, wands, pendulums, meditation music, candles, etc. to help you find your own path.

Our name – The Shamanic Vine – symbolizes spiritual growth.  Shamanic – like a shaman, a walker between the worlds, a link or bridge between this world and the next.  Vine – growing and climbing like a vine. We seek out information that utilizes earth-honoring spiritual principles and cross-cultural shamanic traditions to activate deep holistic shifts in consciousness, perception and behavior.

There are elements of shamanism in Angel Studies, Aromatherapy, Astral Projection, Auras, Psychic Development, Crystals, Dreams, Energy Healing, Magic, Herbalism, Native American paths, etc., etc.   Shamanism has existed since the beginning of time on every continent of the planet.  Shamans throughout various cultures have served the role of priest, magician, metaphysician, healer, herbalist, dream interpreter, and spiritual advisor.  The shaman mediates between the visible and the spirit worlds, and makes use of spirit helpers, with whom he or she communicates, all the while retaining control over his or her own consciousness.  Shamanism is used to restore balance and healing to both people and the planet we live in.  It is a way of perceiving life, nature and Spirit.  The shamanistic world-view is animistic in essence – their view is that spirit is within everything.  This also includes the invisible world and non-ordinary reality, a realm that contains the spirits of land, ancestors, animals, gods & goddesses, sidhe and other various entities.

Our intention is to help you find your own spiritual connection, to live in a more balanced, heart-centered way within yourself, your family, and in your community. The goal is to develop your own spiritual practice that fits you as you change and grow, and bring you closer to understanding the nature of Spirit and your place in It.